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Udghatan as the name suggests is like an inaugurating launch event for your home store business, which includes inviting your prospective customer (friends & neighbors) and organizing a small interactive session with the neighbors and acquaintances followed by a pooja ceremony and tea party.


You create awareness of your new business – Home Store & can register 30 -40 Customers on the Frendy App as well as your Customer Whatsapp group. 

typically, on Udhgaatan day partners generate Rs. 10,000 -15,000 of Sale.

As a Home store partner, you need to follow these steps 1 day prior to the udghatan,

  •         Inviting the guests (1 day prior to the udghatan)
  •         Make arrangements for seating of the guests (about 50 chairs)
  •         Arrangement of snacks and tea for the guests (Budget – Rs. 1,000)

On the day of the udghatan you need to follow these steps

  •         Arrangement of the Home store rack display by the partner

(training will be provided by the sales team)

  •         Arrangement of Pooja samagri and preparation by partner


o   Pooja thali

o   Kumkum

o   Nariyal

o   Chawal

o   Agarbatti

o   Diya

o   Cotton

o   Ghee

o   Flowers

o   matchbox

Frendy will help and support you from the moment you register as Frendy partner

  •         Sales team will train you on how to set up the home store.
  •         Frendy team will help you with udghatan, pricing and the initial sales
  •         Frendy team will also provide you training on how to organize and operate the home store

Ideally the best time for udghatan is midday (after school time) or before evening when the women are free from household chores. There is no fixed day for udghatan but it is recommended that the udghatan should be as soon as possible so that you get the exposure and initial marketing

You can invite your neighbors, people from nearby societies, friends and family, anyone who you have a social connect with and could be a potential customer for your home store – typically those living in a 500 m radius from you


Yes, all partners do an udghatan as this is a very important step towards the opening of your home store as the idiom goes “jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai”

also this is very important time because this is a like a first impression on the customers

Udhgaatan is a very social event and all Partners feel very proud of the event and it is a happy ocassion

The udghatan is like a family gathering which begins with pooja, there are snacks and games which is followed by tea and finally the guest gets to shop from the home store 


You can watch what an Udhgaatan looks like here _ link to Udhgaatan Playlist – You Tube Playlist


The preparation for udghatan is very minimal and the sales team provides all the necessary details requires for the preparation of udghatan like pooja, setting up the home store and, the seating and p You can follow our Partner Trushna Pandya as she prepares for her Home Store Udhgaatan. Link to Youtube

Send Frendy Thank you note from the app to those that attended via Whatsapp and thank them for the 1st purchase from your Home Store. Post udghatan you can follow up with the guests on feedback for the event and the quality of products and aks if the customers need to order anything else, also ensure that the home store has the necessary stock to fulfill the orders

Please have a few people on hand to assist you with the Home Store Udhgaatan – these could be your husband, family and or friends ( we recommend at least x people should be there ) They should know how to operate the Frendy App or guide new customers for the same.