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Problem –
Customer needs are not being addressed by current retail choices

Problem –

Customer needs are not being addressed by current retail choices


  • Poorly stocked (100-200 SKUs)
  • Regular stock outs
  • No discounts

Modern Supermarkets​​

  • Not Easily Accessible
  • Uneconomical in towns with population < 100K


  • Technology is unfamiliar
  • Does not always have daily needs < 100K
  • Lacks trust & assistance
  • Lacks single point of contact
  • Problem resolution is hard

Frendy – A supermarket in every neighbourhood 

Solution –

Frendy – A Supermarket in every neighbourhood

How it works-

  • A community leader becomes a Frendy Partner with as low an investment as Rs. 10,000 ($120) via microfinance*
  • Leading with her Home Store she introduces customers to the Frendy digital app
  • Via whatsapp marketing & assistance the users gradually adopt the digital  App


  • Home Store – Mini studio
  • 100+ high turn SKUs
  • Digital Supermarket
  • App with 5,000+ SKU’s

How to Buy

  • Customers visit Partners home & purchase
  • Delivery at home
  • Customers can order or Partner can order for customers
  • Payment & delivery via Partner in 48-72 hrs


  • Convenience
  • Ready availability
  • Supports current behaviour- unplanned, low ticket high frequency buying
  • Better prices & Variety
  • Convenient delivery
  • Assistance & Trust of Partner
  • Assurance of Problem resolution via Partner

Transforming Housewives to Business Women

Guided Enterpreneurship

Training & regular engagment


Engaged Community of Partners who support each other

Income Augmentation

Higher margins from Frendy Private Label & low ticket aspirational items

Local Entrepreneur Friendly-
Augmenting Sales of Mid Sized Modern Stores(MITR)

Local Enterpreneur Friendly –

Augmenting Sales of Mid Sized Modern Stores (MITR)

Frendy Private Label

Team Bharat - Team Kaabil Beti

Promote community well being by enabling them to shop, share & save together

Empower local women to become successful homepreneurs & unlock digital commerce for their communities

Founding Members

Sameer Gandotra

Founder & CEO

Wharten MBA, enterpreneur across oil & gas, real estate, media & Ecommerce. Director at Nebula Companies, an affordable housing company serving Bharat.

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Co-Founder & CTO

Founder of tech services company – Xavoc Tech. 2 decades of devloping software for social selling business. Start up mentor & advisor on state Government panels.

Team Bharat, Team of Entrepreneurs

Harshad Joshi


 Amul, walmart, Mahi Milk, Parag Milk Foods, Metro C&C

Ninad Patel


Nebula Infraspace

Pankaj Adatiya

State Head Sales

Pepsico, Wipro, Nivea, Unicharm

Ajesh Nair



Infibeam, Fedex

Vinu Nakum


Rebel Foods, Dominos, McDonalds

Rakesh Sinha

Tech Lead

Xavoc Tech

Yamini Devpura


Brown Thomas, Zivame

Bhavik Shakarani


Uber, Zepo

Shweta Bhardwaj


Infibeam, IDProp

Pawan Kumar

Partner Support

Infibeam, Vodafone , ICICI

Sumit Vyas


Dealshare, Daily Ninja

Jogendra Shah


More Retail Ltd., Spencers Retail

Harsh Jani


Alagrand, Cybersurf


Product and Training

Jafra Cosmetics, Oriflame

Shilpa Ajwani

Consulting Advisor

Tupperware, Oriflame

We are -

Stronger, Bigger & Funded